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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


Tutorials are alternative intervention given to students who are struggling to cope with their lessons in the school; students who wish to gain advanced knowledge to get ahead of their classmates; and help individuals who are preparing for their standardized examinations in Praxis, GMAT, GRE, and SAT. Competition among students, bullying, and other distractions in school are reasons that hinder effective learning. With competent and friendly tutors, the students/tutees are placed in a relaxed and comfortable environment that allows learning become simple and easy.


Our Tutorial Services

Our tutorials are developed to make learning an exciting experience for the students/tutees. Relationships between the tutors and tutees are founded on the principles of open communication which we put as one of the most important factors for successful tutoring. We believe that this will encourage the students/tutees to discuss and for the students/tutees ask questions feely regarding the lessons or concepts they do not understanding well.


Our dynamic team is composed of proficient, competent, and friendly tutors in New Haven CT who are qualified and committed to provide tutorial sessions for any subject such as History, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and more at any academic level they belong from Kindergarten to secondary to college level. Our tutors are friendly partners of the school and the parents in assisting their students/tutees learn and understand their lessons in flexible, simple, and in a relaxing way.


Our tutorials come in the form of online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods. Online tutoring utilizes computer and internet connectivity, headphone and microphone, webcam and other computer accessories to perform tutoring sessions. Home-based tutoring is a personalized learning method where tutors go to the homes of the students/tutees for the tutoring sessions. Both methods produce quality results and aside from academic help, these friendly tutors also provide homework help.


The Challenge

Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team with proficient, competent and friendly tutors in New Canaan CT who are committed to help students/tutees in achieving their academic goals by providing them with opportunities to enjoy learning and develop their skills confidently, responsibly, and independently. Our tutors in New Canaan try to help their students/tutees learn and understand concepts and principles, analyze and solve problems, and apply their knowledge and skills in their daily lives. They also help their tutees develop better study habits that will encourage them to learn and do their homework and other school assignments.


Aside from interviews, both tutors and clients undergo record verification and background check for safe tutoring. We offer affordable tutoring rates.


If you are interested to try our tutoring services, we are inviting you to hire our competent and friendly tutors in New Canaan to assist your children improve their grades, make progress in their school performance, and achieve their academic goals.


Contact us now by sending us email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us through the phone number placed at the upper right side of the web page. We will be very happy to discuss with you how we can be partners in helping your children learn and develop skills and become responsible, self-reliant, and confident learners.


Again, welcome to Tutoring Services LLC where learning means teaching, empowering, and guiding children prepare for their future endeavors.