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Give Your Career an Upgrade in New Canaan CT with an English Language Certificate

Take the internet-based test for TOEFL and become one of the many individuals who have earned their English certification that has enabled them to become a globally-competitive individual with their credentials. The TOEFL also has its paper-based test which is delivered in areas where internet testing is not available. The internet-based test for TOEFL is administered for more than 50 times per year in New Canaan and surrounding cities like Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Fairfield and more.

What to Expect in the Actual TOEFL Test

The TOEFL certification for English proficiency is has 4 major divisions: Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. For the Reading test, there are 3-4 passages with 12-14 questions per passage with a time limit of 60-80 minutes. The Speaking section of the test has 2 questions for the Independent Speaking tasks that require test takers to deliver their own ideas and opinions and the Integrated Speaking tasks has 4 other questions where using their English language skills are mandatory. For the Listening section, there are 4-6 3 to 5-minute long lectures with 6 questions each and 2-3 conversations with 5 questions each that should be accomplished within a 60 to 90-minute timeframe. For the Writing section, test comprises of an Integrated Writing task where test takers are supposed to write a response to a short passage and lecture which needs to be completed within 20 minutes for the first type of writing task and an Independent Writing task which is an essay-writing activity for a given topic which needs to be completed within a 30-minute time limit.

Why Work Towards an English Certification?

The certification for English proficiency is an important certification for individuals who wish to add in an essential credential for their career across the world. The results delivered by this test are always guaranteed accurate, properly calculated, fair and unbiased.

How to Pass the TOEFL Certification?

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