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Are you a teacher who is looking for a part time job that offers flexibility? Have you considered tutoring but worried about the consistency of student leads?


We hope that this page will help you understand better the tutoring system and the benefits that you can get from it. We also hope that this will convince you to join our dynamic team of competent and friendly tutors who are enjoying the work and earning good income.


We start by stating the differences and similarities of school teachers and private tutors. School teachers manage big numbers of students while tutors handle one student at a time or handle smaller clusters for specialized tutoring sessions. School teachers follow a structured curriculum and time frame as mandated by the government. Tutors do the follow up of what was taken in the classroom and reinforce them to students/tutees.


While the school teachers execute the curriculum, the tutors help the students/tutees complete their understanding of their lessons initiated by the teachers. The teacher translate the concepts and principles as much as the students can only take but the tutors help the students/tutees who are having difficulty in coping with the lessons and other school demands including homework.


How does Tutoring Services LLC help the students?

Tutoring Services LLC makes a difference in the learning experience of the students/tutees through our dynamic, competent and friendly tutors in New Canaan CT. Our tutoring services are in the form of online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods.


Online tutoring provides interesting learning experience with the use of internet connection, computer and accessories such as headphones with microphone and webcam. Home-based tutoring conducts its personalized tutoring where tutors go to the homes of their tutees. These tutors are well-prepared before they conduct tutoring sessions with their learning tools with them to make every session interesting for their students/tutees. They also empower their students/tutees to develop better study habits where they are self-motivated in studying their lessons and making their homework by their own, responsibly and confidently. They also prepare their student/tutees in any examination to improve grades and contribute to higher school ratings.


Our qualified tutors also help individuals who are getting ready to take standardized examinations such as Praxis, GRE, GMAT, and SAT by coaching them to avoid the same mistakes the examinees during the actual tests.


The huge responsibility of the tutors is in helping their students/tutees eliminate their bad study habits and enhance the good ones, specifically in studying and completing their assignments. Our tutors also help them develop better study habits so that in time, they will be able to study and work on their homework by themselves with confidence.


The Challenge

A school teacher who becomes a tutor, whether on a part time or full time basis will be able to integrate both knowledge and skills in delivering her tasks as tutor. This capability of the teacher to teach is strengthened by the numbers of teaching years, the education and trainings acquired, and the teacher certification obtained.


If you are a teacher and you want to earn some extra cash, tutoring is the best option. With tutoring, do not have to learn new skills to become effective in this job. You can still enjoy working as a teacher while earning while doing this part time job. For those certified teachers who want more flexibility, tutoring can be an option as a full time job because of the continuous student leads.


We are inviting you to join our team of proficient, competent, and friendly tutors in New Canaan CT. Like our clients, you will also undergo records verification and background check for safe tutoring. You can be assured of continuous stream of the best student leads who want your services as tutors to help their children in achieving their academic goals.


We are also inviting qualified college students and professionals who have the passion to help students improve their school performance and the basic skills in teaching to join us on full time or part time basis where you can earn aside from the flexibility that comes with this job.


To continue serving you by ensuring continuous best students leads and clients and smooth flow of the system, we shall be asking a small percentage from your earnings as an administrative fee.


Contact us now by giving us a call through the phone number located at the upper right side of our web page or by sending us email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


We are waiting for you to become part of our team of successful tutors who have already helped many students and enjoyed earning good income as tutors.