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Teaching is a noble task because teachers form the minds and the hearts of young learners. A good teacher can transform a delinquent young individual to a productive citizen. Like any other professions, teaching career has better opportunities, job security, and good earning potential. We cannot afford to produce illiterate people, thus, there will always be teacher jobs available, specifically in New Canaan CT.


Elementary teachers are responsible for molding your learners at an age when they are most active and at its full potential to learn. It is the teacher’s job to create a favorable learning environment for studying, learning, and personal growth.


Secondary teachers deal with students between 11 to 18 years old. Teachers must be well-trained in teaching in one or more subjects included in the educational curriculum. They mold their students to become responsible and confident by giving them the opportunities for stability, direction, discipline, and knowledge.


Teaching involves class management, organized record-keeping, mandated testing, and following to the mandated instructions rather than actual teaching. Individual tutoring involves an active interaction between the tutors and learners. Tutors are generally hired by the parents to teach what their children need to know and understand, to enhance the mind of their children with mental skills for survival. The volume of the tutor’s task is in helping these learners eliminate their bad habits and develop good habits.


Tutors are the teachers’ partners in assisting the students achieve their educational goals, especially those who are having difficulty in coping with their lessons, or those who want to gain more knowledge, or even those who are preparing for some standardized examinations like Praxis II, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. Whether the learners select home-based or online tutorial method, they will receive the same quality tutoring services.


And if you are teacher who wants to practice your teaching skills after class hours, or during summer time, tutoring is a good choice where the pay is good and the pressure is lesser.


Tutoring Services LLC ensures our clients and tutors in New Canaan for secured and better tutoring jobs. If you are a teacher or a college student who has the capacity to teach and are looking for an alternative source of income, you can join our dynamic team. We can assure you of continuous flow of clients throughout the year.


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Come and join our dynamic team who commits to help children grow as responsible and competent young learners who love knowledge.