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Teacher Certification

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Teaching is considered as a noble job and one of the most secured careers. Salaries and wages may differ from one state to another but teaching positions are stable amidst the crisis. There is very high demand for teaching positions but records are showing that there are less teachers to fill in the positions. Aside from regular teaching loads, tutorial jobs are also in demand.


Teaching is a career that needs plenty of patience, hard work, unwavering dedication to help young learners in developing adequate knowledge and skills for future success for whatever fields these students will choose for themselves. Higher salaries and wages are waiting for teachers with license and certifications that you can get from your state. Requirements to get teaching certification will be based on what has been set by the state and national government.


If you want to pursue teaching career with certification in New Canaan CT, you will need to meet the requirements set by the government to obtain the necessary certifications. Requirements include completion of a bachelor’s degree or finished an education coursework and taking and passing standardized examinations such as Praxis II.


The Pre-Professional Skills Test or the PPST refers to the basic skills tests to measure the proficiency of the potential teachers in writing and reading, and in mathematics. PPST is administered to 40 states.


For those who are interested to pursue teaching jobs but without education degree can take the Alternative certification program created by the government. Ask your state regarding the requirements to obtain this alternative teaching certification.


And if you are not a teacher but interested to become a qualified tutor, getting a teacher certification may not be a requirement but those with certifications will be preferred by the parents and clients. Years of tutoring experience is needed to become tutors.


To become a tutor, one must have a sufficient knowledge, trainings, and experience to qualify. Certification can provide you with an edge over those who do not have. Parents, students, and other clients will trust you as tutors if you are qualified as shown by your credentials. Although they it is not necessary, certification can boost your credentials.


If you believe you have the proficiency, skills and the passion to teach and help students in improving their performance in school, contact us and join our team.