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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


In most cases, parents become worried when their children are performing less in school. When this happens, they try to find ways to help them through employing qualified tutors to help their children get back on their feet again and improve in their studies and school performance.


Parents believe that tutoring can help their children and they hire tutors for some reasons such as, tutoring provides help in making their children understand their lessons in school; and tutoring can train their children to study well and do their homework and other school assignments independently.


Some studies show results that there are over 80% of parents who employed qualified tutors notice that there is improvement in their children’s performance in school, in their grades, and in their attitude in studying their lessons within six months of regular tutoring sessions.


Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of qualified and friendly tutors in New Canaan CT who commit themselves in helping students who are having some difficulty in coping with their studies or children who want to gain advanced knowledge to get ahead of others in school. They also cater to individuals who are preparing themselves for standardized examinations such as Praxis, GMAT, GRE, and SAT. We also offer some educational tools such as algebra solver.


Their main responsibility is to train and empower their students/tutees to understand and become interested in studying their lessons, do their homework and other assignments confidently, and develop better study habits to make them self-reliant, responsible, and confident learners.


Why do our clients choose our tutoring services over these years?

Parents have developed trust in the quality and effectiveness of our tutoring services provided by our proficient and friendly tutors in New Canaan CT. They believe in the capability of our tutors to give better tutoring services that help their children achieve their academic goals. Our tutors choose effective learning techniques that fit in their students/tutees’ individual capacity to learn and understand their lessons with ease and comfort.


They prefer our way of training our children because apart from flexibility and convenience reasons, we also offer affordable tutoring rates. For safe tutoring for our parents, other clients, and tutors, we conduct records verification and background check, aside from interviews. We aim that our partnership with you lasts longer and is based on trust and confidence.


If you are interested in providing quality academic help for your children, we are inviting you to take more time to make a tour site on our web page and view tutoring services that we offer.


We, in behalf of our proficient and friendly tutors in New Canaan, are inviting you to contact us by sending us an email though This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us through the telephone number located at the upper right side of our web page and let us start to become partners in helping and empowering your children shape their successful future endeavors through education.


Again, we welcome you to Tutoring Services LLC where learning means gaining more knowledge and skills with ease and empowering children to become self-reliant, confident, and responsible learners!