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School Ratings

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School ratings reflect the actual performance of the students against the curriculum and teaching strategies to achieve the educational objectives set by the government. Higher ratings show there is an effective delivery and acceptance of the subjects and lessons. Lower ratings, on the other hand, are indications that there are some aspects in the curriculum and learning strategies that need to be improved. The rating scales are easy to read but there are some people or even parents who ignore to read and appreciate the results and the criteria that is involved in the ratings. This may result to misconception of the ratings obtained by the students and the schools.


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 or the NCLB refers to the role of the government to th students of Kindergarten to Grade 12 levels that centers on the effectiveness of the school to teach children that are measured by the examinations given to students.


There is the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP that evaluates the knowledge and competence of the American students learned from classroom instructions. NAEP is an educational projects mandated by the US Congress and administered by the National Center of Education Statistics of NCES. Results from NAEP provide the comprehensive data and information about the performance and achievement of the students in various subjects. The NAEP results serve as the Nation’s Report Card. The academic subjects that are evaluated are writing and reading, science, and mathematics. Other subjects such as arts, geography, civics, US History and economics are done every year. The students, teachers and the school work out together in performing well in NAEP.



What is the significance of these assessments and ratings in New Canaan CT to tutorial services?


Tutorial Services LLC is basing their tutoring program on the educational curriculum which is designed by the state and the outcome of the school ratings. With the help of our competent and trained tutors in New Canaan, the students and clients are assured of the help they need to enhance and improve learning efficiency and reinforce what they have learned from school, thus obtaining higher proficiency ratings in standardized assessments. Those schools with higher ratings from the national and state examinations will give the parents and the community a pertinent information where they can entrust their children’s education.


Entrust your children with us for quality tutorial services in New Canaan CT. You can choose between online and home-based tutorial methods and whatever method you choose, you will receive the same quality services. We shall not only help your children perform better in school but will also prepare them in taking examinations with confidence!


In behalf of our competent, well-trained, and friendly tutors, we welcome you to Tutoring Services LLC where your children enjoy learning for a successful future ahead!