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Welcome to Tutorial Services LLC!


Are you worried because you are hardly coping with one or more subjects in the school? Or getting ready for standardized examinations? You need not worry anymore.


Tutoring Services LLC in New Canaan CT offers online tutoring services for students and individuals as their alternative intervention to help them improve and enhance knowledge learned from classroom instructions and provides comprehensive reviews for incoming examinations.


We have developed an interactive tutoring program that serves students in any academic level from kindergarten to secondary levels with the help of qualified and friendly tutors to help students and individuals achieve their goals academically. Children under the Kindergarten to grade 12 school programs are faced with distractions to understand their lessons, finish their homework and other school tasks, and unsure about how to handle examinations. However, their period is the best time to enhance their understanding and gaining knowledge as well as strengthening basic skills.


High school students are challenged with the high expectations and demands from their school, at home, and from their peers.


As parents, it is normal to be concerned as to what kind of tutoring method to choose best for your children. To choose between online or home-based method of tutoring, consider the convenience, your child’s lifestyle and preferences, the program, and the cost effectiveness.


Online tutoring is advantageous for your children in many ways. For one, it offers flexibility of time. You and your child can select the most convenient time for the tutoring sessions. It is safe and interactive where your child can ask questions directly and get answers immediately. Online tutors also extend their homework help but will gradually teach them to develop confidence in doing the completing their homework and other school tasks independently.


Students love gadgets such as computer, iPods, PlayStations, mobile phones, and many more. Online tutoring using computer and other accessories such as headphones and webcams can be appealing to children, thus, capturing their attention and be more motivated to learn and retain more information during the sessions.


Hiring competent and friendly online tutors in New Canaan CT is simple. Contact us and not just tell us what you need to accomplish but let us discuss your child’s academic goals. Once we identify your child’s academic needs and goals, we can match them with a particular tutor who can help him/her in achieving his/her goals.


Our team of qualified and friendly tutors is always ready for the sessions. They prepare for the lessons and the learning materials they will use for the sessions.


Our tutors believe in the capacity of the children to learn given the right atmosphere, settings, and approach. In due time, these students/tutees will improve in due time by developing self-reliance and confidence as well as better study habits and study skills.


Online tutoring offers many advantages and cost effectiveness as an alternative way of reinforcing what have been learned in school. Whatever your child’s needs and goals, you can rely on our tutoring program and services to help him/her perform well and learn self-reliance, confidence, and responsibility.


Contact us now and let us discuss the best way to help your children obtain his/her goals.